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Dr. Miron-Shatz’s upcoming book, provisionally titled Your Life Depends On It, is a deep dive into how we make decisions about medical care, and about how we can do it better. It draws on Miron-Shatz’s extensive research in the field, as well as on studies in behavioral economics and social psychology, and on stories of patients from around the world.

The book is currently expected to be published in 2021, by Basic Books, an imprint of the Hachette Book Group.

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Book inquiries

For inquiries pertaining to the book, you can:

  • Contact Dr. Miron-Shatz directly.
  • Contact her agent, Rachel Sussman (from Chalberg&Sussman), at: rachel@chalbergsussman.com
  • Contact her publicist at Basic Books, at: basic.publicity@hbgusa.com