Picture of Dr. Miron-Shatz giving a talk.

Dr. Miron-Shatz speaks to wide audiences, from physicians, to laypersons, to entrepreneurs, to academics. The goal is always the same: to point out the gaps where people—patients and sometimes physicians—are expected to take charge of their health and medical decision making, but lack the tools to do so. With her vast industry and research experience, she offers solutions for bridging these gaps.

She is uniquely positioned to talk about the various aspects of what it takes to engage people in decision making around their medical condition, from risk communication to how to make people connect with and use digital health, from the ethical implications of fertility treatments, to why patients need their doctors to care.

Her worldview is exceptionally humanistic, inspiring, and relentlessly practical.

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Selected talks

Some of Dr. Miron-Shatz’s talks over the last couple of years include:

  • Medical Decision Making. Cambridge University. UK, 2019.
  • Misconceptions On the Effectiveness of Fertility Treatments. Behavioral Economics to the Rescue?. The Jerusalem Ethics Forum. Israel, 2019. 
  • Why Patients Adhereor Notto Psychiatric Medication. Conference of the Israeli Association for Child Psychiatry. Israel, 2019.
  • Nudging for Health Through Better Comprehension. There are Free Lunches Series by Nudge Portugal. Lisbon, 2018.
  • Trends, Opportunities and Limitations of Digital Health. Digital Health World Congress. London, 2017.
  • Trends, Opportunities and Limitations of Digital Health. eHealth Venture Summit, MEDICA, Dusseldorf, 2017.
  • Cognitive Limitations, Trust and Behavioural Economics As Barriers to A National Health Record. Conference on National Health Record. Ono Academic College, Israel, 2017.
  • Tailoring Risk Communication to Women’s Preferences. International Shared Decision Making conference. Lyon, 2017.
  • Entrepreneur’s Challenge: Behavior change. Financial Times, Digital Health Summit Europe. London, 2017.
  • The Psychological Drivers of Behavior Change. Digital Health Summit. Philadelphia, 2017.
  • Driving Behavior Change. Habit Labs. New York City, US, 2017.
  • Helping Patients Make Great Decisions. Lunch and Learn, BMJ (British Medical Journal). London, 2016.
  • Motivating Patient Behavior Change. Financial Times, Digital Health Summit. New York, 2016.
  • The Psychology of Behavior Change. Panel moderator. Connected Health. Boston, 2016.
  • The Psychology Behind Behavior Change. Health 2.0. London, 2016.
  • Driving Behavior Change in Digital Health. Keynote. eHealth Venture Summit, MEDICA. Dusseldorf, 2015.
  • Non-Adherence to Medication: A New Perspective. Erasmus University, Netherlands, 2015.
  • Big Data, Analytics & Machine Learning Israeli Innovation Conference. Making Big Data Matter to the Small End-User. Bar-Ilan University, Israel, 2015.
  • Getting Consumers to Act NOW. Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator, Berlin, 2014.
  • Engaging Consumers in Digital Health. Lunch and Learn, Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, Palo Alto, 2014.

Talya has also served in supervisory roles in various conferences, such as as a moderator and creator of the From Concept to Company panel at Stanford University (2011) and a chair of the business track at Medicine 2.0 at Harvard University (2012).

Sample talk

“Luckily, I Don’t Believe in Statistics”: Women’s Choices Around Fertility Treatments. A talk at the Inaugural Jerusalem Ethics Forum (2019).

What people are saying

“Dr. Miron-Shatz is an exceptional speaker. She conveys complex concepts around medical decision making with clarity, cultural sensitivity, and ease, bringing unique knowledge and passion to the discussion. It was a pleasure having her speak at the Inaugural Jerusalem Ethics Forum, along with dignitaries such as the former FDA commissioner, and the Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy for life at the Vatican.”

— Bruno Cohen, Chairman of the Galien Foundation

Scheduling a talk

If you would like to invite Dr. Miron-Shatz to give a talk, please contact here through her contact page.