Dr. Miron-Shatz has over 60 publications in top academic journals, including Psychological Science, Health Psychology, Human Reproduction, Psycho-Oncology, Medicine, and Emotion, as well as book chapters in books published by Oxford University Press, MIT Press, Springer, and Wiley.

Dr. Miron-Shatz’s academic publications deal with medical decision making from multiple angles – information comprehension, digital inclusion, and the central role emotion plays in the doctor-patient connection, as well as in overcoming birth challenges.

Her work on happiness examined the role of thoughts—in general and around financial security—in determining how we feel. This evolved into an interest in thoughts around milestone birthdays, and several papers on how people evaluate products over time.

Below is a list of selected publications by Dr. Miron-Shatz. For more information, see her full CV, her Google Scholar profile, or her profiles. For her non-academic writing, see her blog, Baffled by Numbers.

Selected publications